Hello there! Thanks for visiting.

I’m Marlena Schreckengost, a San Francisco Bay Area UX/UI designer. I graduated from The Academy of Art University with a Bachelors of Fine in Web Design + New Media. I’ve been working as a UX/UI/Visual Designer at The Home Depot for the past 7 years.

My UX/UI process includes:

  • Empathize with the target audience through user studies to understand how to problem impacts their lives. This is done through observation, interviews, immersive physical experiences or academic research
  • Synthesize the learning and define the primary and subsidiary problems. Create a problem statement that illustrates its impact and effect on users
  • Ideate by conceptualizing as many solutions to the outlined problem without going too deep in any specific direction. Capture the essential idea and move on. Depending on the project, this is either done alone, with the design team or with the greater product team
  • Prototype the most promising ideas with details and micro-interaction in mind. Share solutions with the team and gather feedback.
  • Iterate on the design, taking into account all of the context and ways it might be used in the real world. Create a high fidelity prototype
  • Test the top 1-3 designs in an environment that’s as close to real life as possible to discover how well the proposed solution(s) work
  • Synthesize learnings once again, refine and iterate on the design
  • Present the user test results and “winning design” to the team and/or stakeholders

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