GoPro Social Freedom

This immersive campaign was designed with the creative brief to “connect an audience to a product or service from a global brand in a way that wasn’t possible five years ago.”

With GoPro Social, share your adventures with family and friends through your profile, displaying a live feed of your journey. Videos become date- and time-stamped, available to enjoy at a later date. Get to know other GoPro thrill-seekers and build friendships based on your mutual passion for a specific adrenaline sport.

Key features include instant, hassle-free video upload and a comprehensive list of all of your past routes conveniently documented on your profile page.

Enjoy peace of mind on every adventure with GoPro Freedom. Cameras have built-in GPS receivers with the ability to pinpoint your exact location. Should you need a hero, use the medical alert device for an opportunity to call for help. With the touch of a button your GoPro Social contact information will be sent to local authorities with a notification indicating you need to be rescued.


My aim was to create an original innovation to unite adrenaline enthusiasts and provide peace of mind while on adventures. GoPro Social connects thrill-seekers and enables friendships based on mutual passion for specific adrenaline activities. While GoPro Freedom has a GPS locator beacon built into the camera giving the user the power to be rescued should something go wrong.

I chose to create a project around the GoPro brand because I admire their fun, high energy culture. I identify with their audience and therefore I felt I could build something desirable and useful. I wanted to address a need in a fresh new way while implementing the spirit of the company.

The stylistic goal was to design within the image of the brand, adding to their original logo and main symbols. After researching their brand I understood that I needed to incorporate life, adventure and ambition.

After thoroughly familiarizing myself with what the company has to offer, I began to brainstorm what would be a welcomed addition. I originally came up with GoPro Social because I think building friendships based around passion for a specific sport is a healthy practice and therefore an application to assist in this area is a need. The ideation of GoPro Freedom came from my personal desire to keep people safe and accounted for. I saw a connection between the two.



After identifying my target audience—males from the US between the ages of 25–34—I was able to develop a solid visual design and intuitive UX. This product was designed for active people and therefore had to be easy to use. I created an informational walkthrough video to showcase the functionality and benefits of the GoPro Social network and GoPro Freedom Camera with security features; strategic mock-ups of the GoPro Social website and mobile application to demonstrate appearance and behavior; and a 3D render of the GoPro Freedom Medical Alert Device bracelet in an effort to illustrate how the Locator Beacon within the camera is easily activated in the time of need.

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