The Breaking Ground Project

Breaking Ground an awareness campaign to solve the brief “Building a Smarter San Francisco.” The goal was to create a campaign about a development that would improve San Francisco, specifically regarding parks and open spaces, using a technology that wasn’t available 5 years ago.

I reflected on perceived areas of concern in our city and decided that the most detrimental are: obesity, depression, and poverty. I believe The Breaking Ground Project could significantly improve these matters.

Obesity rates in California are on the rise. Nearly half of Californians are projected to be obese by 2030 if they don’t change their eating habits and start exercising. Our aim is to help San Franciscans achieve their nutritional goals while disconnecting from media devices and engaging with their neighbors.

We provide a social meeting place where they can exchange news, skills and stories. More like the 1950s. Our website and kiosks connect residents with a designated plot of gardening space. Members purchase an inexpensive Starter Kit, grow their seedlings at home, and then plant their garden. San Franciscans are ready for some good ol’ fashioned fun!


San Francisco is home to some of our country’s brightest people. They work hard and commit to long hours. They rush from business lunch to conference call. They walk down the streets with their noses buried in their devices. With the weight of the world on their shoulders, they forget to get to know who lives across the hall. They live in close proximity to one another but many feel alone. Isolation, coupled with our country’s increasing obesity problem, sparked my idea for The Breaking Ground Project.

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My aim was to create an activity to get people together, moving, eating well, and off their mobile devices. As quirky as it sounds, I thought of a 1950s theme. This was a time where people got together often, everyone knew one another, and mobile devices weren’t even invented yet.

For this campaign I created informational walkthrough video and a website, kiosk, and promotional mockups.

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